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Billigebolde Shuttlecocks (36 pcs or 3 tubes)

Billigebolde Shuttlecocks (36 pcs or 3 tubes)


Tournament shuttlecocks 1 tube

Tournament badminton balls are a fantastic badminton ball for the price. The shuttlecock is made from 100% goose feathers and the feathers are 1 sorting feather, which means that the best feathers from the goose are selected and used in production.

We are in direct contact with one of our manufacturers in the East, where all our badminton balls  are produced. We do not compromise on quality and therefore every single shuttlecock is checked and tested during production to ensure a  high and consistent level of quality. Based on the intensive control and testing phase, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are convinced that our shuttlecocks meet the customer's expectations. 

All Tournament shuttlecocks are stored in a humidity cabinet, so they are delivered in the optimal humidity and thus ready for matches or training. If you want to extend the durability of the balls, buy our damping tubes for shuttlecocks 

Specifications about Tournament shuttlecocks:
Speed: 78 
Feather type: Goose feather
Number per tubes: 12 pcs.

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